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Viktor&Rolf join with Zalando for the most avant-garde recycling collection


A special preview of Viktor&Rolf for Zalando RE:CYCLE SS18 shot by five Mastered photographers

RE:CYCLE, Viktor&Rolf’s fresh collaboration with European online fashion platform Zalando, which launches exclusively on Zalando.com from 1st February does exactly what that title suggests. The Dutch design mavericks have taken the online retailer’s overstock (unsold clothes from the previous season) and reimagined them afresh as new, wearable womenswear staples with signature Viktor&Rolf artistic flourishes. In another partnership with online creative talent platform Mastered, five photographers have individually shot a unique T-shirt taken from Viktor&Rolf’s atelier that serves as a sneak-peak for RE:CYCLE and embraces a visual narrative of transformation.

This spirit of metamorphosis has been a deep thread of Viktor&Rolf’s recent work. At last year’s Bread & Butter by Zalando, the creative duo showed select looks from their recent Haute Couture collections. In a uniquely Viktor&Rolf twist on the hand-me-downs ethos, the pieces were all handcrafted from recycled vintage fabrics, directly sourced from their own archives.

In RE:CYCLE, the designers explore the handcrafted territory further, using creative recycling methods across a 17-piece womenswear limited collection that includes everything from t-shirts to dresses to skirts. Though the story they tell is entirely new and the price point (between €50 for a T-Shirt - €250 circle long dress) decidedly below Haute Couture, the idea behind it has long since been in the Viktor&Rolf ethos.

‘With our past Haute Couture collections, we have explored creative recycling methods: new, artistic ways to re-use elements from the past to create something new,’ the designers explained. ‘For instance, fabrics from our own archive of 20 years were woven and patchworked into new materials and volumes; and fragments of existing cocktail and evening wear from the 20th century were surrealistically reassembled to create new, unexpected shapes.’

So the collaboration with Zalando follows this thread of sustainable fashion, by, as Viktor&Rolf attest, ‘breathing new life into forgotten garments’. With Viktor&Rolf for Zalando RE:CYCLE, the fashion story metamorphoses once again in energetic, fresh ways.

Francisco Gomez de Villaboa

London based fashion photographer and photojournalist Francisco Gomez de Villaboa’s work may be beautiful but it is also weighted with moments and issues that matter to him. From exploring the lives of families with children with learning disabilities or living with trans people in Cuba, de Villaboa’s photography espouses values of equality and freedom.

Stephanie Galea

Stephanie Galea is a London based fashion photographer and visual artist. A recent Central Saint Martins graduate, Stephanie draws inspiration from her birthplace Malta; her work imbued with warm Mediterranean tones and strong colour and compositions. Her work has been published in Vogue Arabia, Vogue Italia and NYLON amongst others.

Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer

Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer prefers to shoot analog, largely avoids retouching and likes to shoot on location, where she gets a lot of inspiration. ‘Lately I’ve been seeking out architectural landmarks from the 20th Century, as early as Bauhaus or later Brutalism,’ says the Berlin based photographer. ‘The challenge of creating synergies interests me a lot; showing femininity in a massive run down concrete block; an environmental or political message with the latest fashion trends.’

Julia Morozova

Julia Morozova is a Russian born photographer living and working in Italy. Mostly self-taught, in the beginning she photographed friends, dancers and non-professional models in an artistic way. Working in fashion photography for the past four years, she enjoys collaborating with emerging designers, stylists and brands with a style can be described as contemporary, clean, feminine and always trying to tell a story.

Lydia Gorges

Berlin based Lydia Gorges began her career as an assistant in still life and advertising photography in Germany, where she acquired her wide range of technical skills. She changed her field of work to fashion, moving to Paris in 2004 from where she spent the next six years assisting photographers like Camilla Akrans, Michelangelo di Battista, and Glen Luchford and Ezra Petronio from self service Magazine.

All Clothing by Zalando. Discover Viktor&Rolf for Zalando RE:CYCLE SS18 here. 


Hanne Gaby in Viktor&Rolf for Zalando RE:CYCLE SS18 by Marujke Aerden


Photographer Lydia Gorges

Stylist: Jessica Klimach

Hair and make up: Berenice Ammann

Model:  Lotte Zuidema @ md management

Studio:  April May Berlin

Photographer Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer

Production: Lars Alexander Beppler

Make Up: Karolina Traktina

Hair: Attila Kenyeres

Styling: Sophia Schwan

Model: Gesa Nieberding @Mega Models

Model: Sophia Kaden @Mega Models

Model: Lena Werner @Mega Models

Photographer Julia Morozova

Stylists: Francesca Martorelli / Rafaela Rusca

Art Director: Vladimir Soto

Mua Silvia Aquapendente

Hair: Ayoe Nissen

Model: Cecilia Mezzi


Photography Gomez de Villaboa

Stylist: Madelaine DeRose Schaefer

Art Director:  Ash K Halliburton

Hair: Ronnie Woodward

MUA: Samantha Coles

1st Assistant: Kasia Rubinska

2nd Assistant: Cherry Au


Photographer Stephanie Galea

Photography Assistants: Caylee Hankins and Gulja Holland

Styling: Emily Evans

Hair: Ronnie Woodward

Make up: Sogol Razi

Models: Charlie, Abbie and Ella @PRM

Shot at Hackney Studios

Hanne Gaby in Viktor&Rolf for Zalando

RE:CYCLE SS18 by Marijke Aerden

All Clothing by Zalando