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There is exactly 5455 miles between the two chefs, but their approach to cooking is cut from the same fabric. They work with different soils, crops and climate, but their ideas are based on the same values, aesthetics and morals. From San Francisco to Copenhagen and back again with an unrelenting ambition to cook food that is true to their personal beliefs and tastes, and which always reflects the time and place in which they work and live. 

Whether it’s Brandon cooking pork from a ranch in Lucas Valley north of San Francisco or Kristian picking up flowers and herbs from their organic farm on the outskirts of Copenhagen, their common denominator is an appreciation for the craftmanship of the suppliers and a desire to turn this produce into a unique dining experience.

In this programme, Brandon has traveled to Copenhagen to spend a weekend with Kristian, immersing himself in the life of the restaurant, spending time with their farmers and suppliers, and getting to know the life of the chef. From the local wine bar the kitchen crew frequents after hours to the fermentation bunker that 108 has built up together with Noma.

Brandon is no stranger to Copenhagen, having previously attended Noma’s MAD Symposium, where he cooked alongside his friend Danny Bowien from Mission Chinese Food, but this experience will take his exploration of Nordic cooking to a whole new level.