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Druids Vs. Romans

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A History of British Anarchy

Britannia, a new binge worthy epic from Sky takes place during the drama of 43AD. A time of battle hardened Romans, warrior women and the enigmatic Druids of the era. Enter 2018 and England is still home to both Roman and Druid presence. Have the centuries dulled their hatred for each other? Allan Mustafa takes a day off from filming to take up the challenge, deciding this beef has gone on for too long. He takes us on a journey of discovery, meeting a representative from each side, Mustafa gets tooled up in Roman gear and gets a spiritual look into the life of modern day Druids. Can Mustafa use his negotiation skills for peace? He attempts to bring the two factions together and bury the hatchet for once and for all.

To see where this conflict all started, Britannia will be available in full on January 18th, exclusively on Sky Atlantic.