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Women Who Break Glass

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Unexpected combinations can end up becoming the best drivers of fresh ideas.

In the new LG V20, LG is infusing the mobility of a cell phone with the power of pro-like video. The LG V20’s camera is capable of shooting incredibly high quality footage with next-generation Steady Record 2.0 technology and manual video controls. At the same time, the phone is light, accessible, and easy to use for even novice shooters. It’s a quantum leap in mobile video recording that’s still functional enough for anyone to record anywhere. We decided to use that unique combination as an inspiration point for new work.

To showcase all that the LG V20 is capable of, we paired two creatives from different fields for a day of collaboration and conversation.

Cinematographer Laura Valladao is a New York based creative who works primarily on documentary film. Her work has taken her around the world, profiling subjects ranging from grandmothers in Armenia, to inmates serving life in San Quentin State Prison. She’s best known for her use of light and movement, while highlighting stories of diversity and community. With her technical knowledge of camerawork, we wanted to pair her with a creator who knows what it means to move and film on the fly.

Shot on the LG V20

Arianna Gil is one of the founders of Bronx-based skate crew the Brujas. A queer, multi-cultural collective of young creators, the Brujas are more than just skateboarders. With fashion films, a burgeoning socially conscious clothing line, and collaborations across forms and genres, the Brujas know what it means to create with what you have. And as a leader of the group, Arianna is always working on new, innovative projects.

Shot on the LG V20

In a day of collaboration and conversation, we brought Laura and Arianna together to film, and share perspectives on what it means to create.

We started the day at NYC’s Tribeca skate park. Early in the morning, the park was empty and ready to be taken over. Laura and Arianna started filming a short skate movie for the Brujas next launch party. The video began to shape itself when the phone was attached to the bottom of Arianna’s skateboard. And Laura was able to chase the board with the motion stabilization feature keeping the picture steady. The film was coming together. But as the day went on and more people started skating, something became very obvious.

Laura and Arianna were the only non-men in the park.

Shot on the LG V20

It was a fitting, real-life analogy for the professional careers of both Laura and Arianna.

In the world of cinematography, men have traditionally dominated the field. Women for so long have been cut out of the filmmaking process, or only given minor roles behind the scenes. And in the world of skateboarding, men have been front and center while women have been traditionally ignored. Both Laura and Arianna are pushing boundaries in their fields based solely on their identities. And in the very act of making a skate video together, they’re breaking glass. But glass can cut both ways.

“Do I identify as a female cinematographer? No I prefer to just be a cinematographer.”


“Ever since I started Brujas over the past few years there’s been a constant barrage of being labeled a woman or a girl. Brujas is about moving beyond this marketable co-opted concept of women’s empowerment.”


“You just have to be undeniably good.”


Shot on the LG V20

On the surface, Laura and Arianna are two women making strides for female power. But through the lens of a camera; the only thing that matters is ability. And for these two creators, the LG V20 was able to crystalize their talents for all the world to see.

Check out Laura and Arianna’s film made with the LG V20 on VICE.