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Win a series of original art works with Boucheron

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UK Boucheron x i-D

A piece of jewellery reflects its owner, it’s the bearer of messages, an emblem of a family, of a community. It resists time and reflects the individuality of the wearer.

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The obsessive and surrealist clocks of Salvador Dali, the Reflet watches that Edith Piaf bequeathed to his disliked lovers, the tribute pendant to Tutankhamun worn by the rapper Nas in the nineties: we could extend to infinity the list of past talisman jewels in the hands and neck of our icons. A jewel is not worn, it is tamed. Far from being futile or superficial, he says more about the person who wears it than any speech. He is a messenger or the emblem of a family, a gang and a community. It resists time and reflects the affirmation of an individuality, constantly renewed.

The Maison Boucheron, the first contemporary jewellery house to set up at Place Vendôme, has proven its ability to stay modern since 1858 -- thanks to its rebellious spirit. The collection Quatre [Four], a skilful mix of gold, PVD and diamonds, is an homage to the contrasts of the City of Lights, and a celebration of eccentricity. Godron, diamond's line, Grosrgrain and Clou de Paris reveal each piece in an assemblage of textures and materials. Every piece is created with a mixture of textures and materials, reflecting the ever changing nature of identity.

To celebrate the collection, Boucheron picked four creatives from all over the world, talents who are representative of the multifaceted originality of new generations.

Nadya Hasan is a style influencer from the Middle East who pens the blog The Fierce Nay



Hiroaki Fukada is a young photographer from Tokyo who you can track through @hirozzzz



Adam Hale is a young brit making collage art who i-D told you about recently


IsabelitaVirtual is a self-taught photographer and Instagram star. Boucheron tapped them to reinterpret, in their own way, the iconic Quatre collection.


Ambassadors for a hyper-busy and connected generation that has turned Instagram into an art gallery, Nadya, Hirozzzz, Adam and IsabelitaVirtual have drawn from the Quatre collection to create a series of images and unique pieces, in harmony with their own universes. i-D, as a champion of youth and talent was the perfect collaborator for Boucheron. And we’re offering you the chance to win Adam and IsabelitaVirtual’s work. Entering is easy, just choose your favourite mashup and fill in your contact information, along with that of your three best friends (who will also have to confirm their participation). You will have a chance to win the four original pieces by Adam or IsabelitaVirtual, to share between friends (or to keep for yourself, of course).

For its 160th anniversary, the Maison Boucheron is exhibiting at la Monnaie de Paris in January 2018, offering visitors an immersive and interactive journey into the Boucheron universe.

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