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How Brazil’s Favourite Booze Is Helping to Save the Planet

Get to know the Brazilian cachaça distilleries working hard to ensure that drinking need not harm the environment.

Our Dystopian Export

How Brazilian science fiction is catching the world's attention

So, what do you do with disposed wood from the Amazon?

Using the disposed wood from the Amazon, Cristiano Ribeiro do Valle found the raw material for his wonderfully imperfect pieces.

Hacking the city with art

How a new Brazilian artist transposes everyday violence and segregation into technological and reflective works of art.

Haute cuisine that springs from the earth

In this documentary, we show ingredients and native brazilian recipes that are innovating brazilian cuisine.

How insect armies can be an alternative to the use of agricultural pesticid

Throughout Brazil, biotechnology is showing us that wasps, ladybirds, dragonflies and even bedbugs are powerful allies in the fight against pests.